Denizde göçmen kaçakçılığının önlenmesine yönelik uluslararası hukuk çerçevesinin insan hakları ve denizde yardım ve kurtarma sorumlulukları kapsamında incelenmesi

Hakan Selim Canca
2014 International Journal of Human Sciences  
Especially the citizens of the States which are less developed, having repressive regimes and in armed conflicts try to smuggle to other States by sea as well as by air and land to benefit the rights accorded to refugees. These efforts of the smuggled migrants are organized by various ciminal organizations. This kind of crime gets rather advantageous for the smugglers so that no risk exists for the smugglers while the smuggled migrants face the entire risk in the migrant smuggling activities.
more » ... gling activities. The accidents occuring during the events of migrant smuggling by sea at rough sea conditions, with unseaworthy vessels and by unexperienced crew and very risky methods for the human life cause very tragic results. The smuggled migrants are not assumed as guilty and tried to be protected by international law via fundamental human rights and the responsibility of States to render assistance and rescue. Information about the 1 The views expressed in this paper are submitted in the author's personal capacity and do not necessarily represent the position of any department or agency of any government or institution. protections of international law afforded to the smuggled migrants by sea and the practices of States will tried to be given in this study. (Extended English abstract is at the end of this document) edilmeyip; bu kişilere, temel insan hakları ve devletlerin denizde yardım ve kurtarma sorumlulukları çerçevesinde koruma sağlanmaya çalışılmaktadır. Çalışmada deniz yoluyla kaçırılan göçmenlere uluslararası hukukta sağlanan korumalar ile devletlerin uygulamaları hakkında bilgi verilmeye çalışılacaktır.
doi:10.14687/ijhs.v11i1.2953 fatcat:fecryyfntnelhmvnoq4om5pobm