Stereoselective reactions with imines

L.-X. Dai, Y.-R. Lin, X.-L. Hou, Y.-G. Zhou
1999 Pure and Applied Chemistry  
By the activation of general imines or using activated imines (N-tosylimines or Ndiphenyl-phosphinoylimines), we developed three types of stereoselective reactions with imines: aldol reaction, allylation, and aziridiantion, and optically active 2-imidazolines and aziridines were obtained. According to experimental evidences, Sakurai-Hosomi reactions in the presence of catalytic amount of TBAF was demonstrated to be a ¯uoride-triggered autocatalytic mechanism. In addition, optically active
more » ... amino acids were also synthesised conveniently by chemical transformations of 2-imidazolines.
doi:10.1351/pac199971061033 fatcat:wxievrwhlrardmzijbgs7znlpy