Development of a highly quantitative, reproducible assay for determination of chicken T cell growth factor biological activity

J. L. Pfohl, J. B. Hester, V. W. Doelling, R. S. Girardi, J. E. Hutchins, D. L. Murray, C. A. Ricks, R. M. Poston
1997 Poultry Science  
This report examines optimal culture conditions necessary for accurate and sensitive quantification of chicken T Cell Growth Factor (TCGF) activity. With this bioassay, TCGF is quantified by measuring its ability to cause proliferation of splenocytes prestimulated with mitogen. Proliferation is quantified by determining the optical density (OD) or "signal" of test samples in microtiter wells by measuring the incorporation of tetrazolium salt by live cells. To optimize assay conditions,
more » ... onditions, systematic evaluation of the effects of cell culture variables was carried out with the constant aim of increasing signal to noise ratio in the assay. Higher signal to noise ratios were found when using Dulbecco's Modified Eagle's Medium (DMEM) rather than Roswell Park Memorial Institute Medium (RPMI) for basal tissue culture media containing the same supplements. The addition of lipid supplement to the assay system not only increased the proliferation signal, but also decreased the background OD. Incubation temperatures of 41 C rather than 37 C for both the mitogen prestimulation and proliferation phases of the assay also resulted in a higher signal to noise ratio. While incorporating the optimal experimental conditions, a finalized assay procedure employing test sample normalization with an internal assay standard was tested for accuracy. The assay can accurately detect 2 to 15 U/ mL of TCGF activity. The within-assay variation ranged from 2 to 13% and the between-assay variation ranged from 11 to 22% depending upon the TCGF preparation being tested. The excellent reproducibility of this assay has facilitated investigations of TCGF production, processing, and purification. (Key words: lymphoblast proliferation bioassay, T cell growth factor)
doi:10.1093/ps/76.10.1379 pmid:9316113 fatcat:rdvr4a3rqvgt3kb3k2yf5om6tq