IJSRST173761 | Seismic Analysis and Design of G+18 Floors Multistoried Building using ETABS 2013

H Shobeni, Syed Rizwan
© 2017 IJSRST | Volume 3 | Issue 7 | Print ABSTRACT One of the major problems that the country facing is the rapidly growing population, which necessities more facilities in the restricted availability of land. This can be solved to a certain extent with the construction of multistoried building, which can serve many people in available limited area. Hence it is the necessary requirement of multistoried building with all facilities. Hence an attempt is made in the project by SEISMIC ANALYSIS
more » ... DESIGN OF G+18 FLOORS MULTISTORIED BUILDING USING ETABS 2013. Earthquake Engineering was developed a lot from the early days and seismically analyzing the structures requires specialized explicit finite element analysis software, which divides the element into very small slices and models the actual physics. The seismic analysis of the proposed building was done in the software ETABS 2013, which is one of the most advanced software in the structural design field. The loads applied on the structure were based on IS:875 (part I)-1987 [dead load], IS:875(part II)-1987 [live load], IS:875(part III)-1987 [wind load], IS:1893-2000 [Earthquake load]. Scale factor is calculated from the design base shear (Vb) to the base shear calculated using fundamental time period (Ta). Once the analysis was completed all the structural components were designed according to Indian standard code IS:456-2000. Footing, columns, beams, slab, staircase and shear wall were designed. Ductile detailing of the structural elements were done as per code IS: 13920-1993.