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1844 Journal of the Franklin Institute  
About the end of the last eentary~at a moment when other men would have been contented wittl the resnlis obtained~before Bell. or Fulton, had shown the availability of the steam paddle-wheel ibr navigation, the (groat) l)uko of Bridgewater made an attempt to substitute the steam-tug ti)r horse-towage on his canal. The lblh)wing lmliec, from one of his surviving servants, substanliates l!lis interesting faet:--"I well l'(:lllClllber the steam-tug experimcltt Oll tim canal. It was betwceli 179li
more » ... id 1799; Capl. Shalll(s~ 11. N., from l)eptfin.(t. was at Worsley lil~iiy \vc(:k.-;, preparing it I)y the dukc"s own orders, and under his own eve. It was set going, aitd tried with the coa[ heals, but il w(.,ilt slo{vly, and the; l)ad(Ih~.s inado sad worlc with ll'e t)oitom of tim eail+,~l, alid also thre\v the water on the 1)ank. 'J'bc \Vorsitsy f'olks calfe(I il ]l'ao**o]J(trle." It niay be presnnlod that the failure was cornl)lctc , li)r lie second trial al)p(~ars to have been made. Eight coal heaL'; wci'~.', }i~>\'~-evor, dl'agg()d to A\Ial?elloslel'; o1" 2<5 tO/iS each> at a iitlic 11101%* thcuL a lnilc~ an liour. Mechanics' 3lag.
doi:10.1016/s0016-0032(44)90640-x fatcat:ltgc45w5h5g7nbjd3bja5sdk3m