Current Medical Literature

1908 Journal of the American Medical Association  
State, that Article 440 of the penal code of that state of 1896 provides: "If any person shall hereafter engage in the prac¬ tice of medicine in any of its branches or departments for pay. or as a regular practitioner, without having first filed for record with the clerk of the district court in the county in Which such person may reside or sojourn a certificate from some authorized board of medical examiners, or a diploma from some accredited medical college, he shall be punished as prescribed
more » ... ished as prescribed in Article 438." It was evidently the purpose and intent of the legislature that, for the protection of society, all panane undertaking to practice medicine as physicians, or act as physicians, should, before being permitted so to do, be required to furnish evidence of their skill and preparation by being compelled to file in the office of the district clerk the evidence of their qualification, such instrument, either certifi¬ cate or diploma, to be filed in the county of their residence, or where at the time they were sojourning. The court thinks it clear that where the physician had enee complied with the law by filing a certificate or diploma in the county where he resides that he would and should lie permitted to accept pro¬ fessional calls and practice in any adjacent county, and as for that matter throughout the counties of the state where his services might be needed, Mid that it would not be required of him that he must file such certificate or diploma where he might be called after ne had, in the terms of the law, filed such diploma in the county where he resided, or where at the time he might sojourn. Current Medical Literature AMERICAN. Titles marked with an asterisk (*) are abstracted below.
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