Efficient shared-path protection exploiting the knowledge of connection-holding time

M. Tornatore, Canhui Ou, Jing Zhang, A. Pattavina, B. Mukherjee
Conference onOptical Network Design and Modeling, 2005.  
Recent trends in bandwidth markets show that customers are tending to ask providers for large bandwidth, but for limited amount of time to support new short term bandwidthhungry applications. In order to meet these new requirements, progress in network technologies (fast and reconfigurable switching equipment) and protocols (such as G-MPLS and ASON) is paving the road towards flexible optical transport networks, in which leasable circuits could be set up and released on a short term basis. As a
more » ... rt term basis. As a result, for the dynamic traffic scenario, the holding time of connection requests can be known in advance. We propose to exploit the knowledge of connection-holding time to design an efficient algorithm, called PHOTO, for dynamic provisioning of shared-path-protected connections in optical mesh networks. The core idea of our proposal consists of exploiting the knowledge of the holding time of connection requests to minimize resource overbuild due to backup capacity and hence achieve resource-usage efficiency. For a typical US nationwide network with average link loads in the range 0.4 to 0.6, we obtained savings on resource overbuild ranging from about 4% to 10% for various scenarios, compared to a holding-time-unaware, but otherwise shared-path-efficient, approach.
doi:10.1109/ondm.2005.1426988 fatcat:34m5mwjz2zfbddvke5ff4esm5m