An Advanced Environment for Hybrid Modeling and Parameter Identification of Biological Systems

Sabrina Proß, Bernhard Bachmann
2011 Proceedings from the 8th International Modelica Conference, Technical Univeristy, Dresden, Germany   unpublished
Biological systems are often very complex so that an appropriate formalism is needed for modeling their behavior. Hybrid Petri nets, consisting of timediscrete as well as continuous Petri net elements, have proven to be ideal. This formalism was implemented based on the Modelica language. Several Petri net components are structured within an advanced Petri net library. A special sub-library contains so-called wrappers for specific biological reactions to simplify the modeling procedure. The
more » ... procedure. The Petri net models developed with the Dymola tool can be connected to Matlab Simulink to use all the Matlab power for parameter identification, sensitivity analysis and stochastic simulation. This paper illustrates the usage of the Petri net library, the coupling to Matlab Simulink and further processing of the simulation results with algorithms in Matlab. In addition, the application is demonstrated by modeling the metabolism of Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells.
doi:10.3384/ecp11063557 fatcat:rqdqdyszmnhgtclf5ugu5zs4jy