Evaluation of Orbital Maneuvers for Transition from Low Earth Orbit to Geostationary Earth Orbit

2018 Iraqi Journal of Science  
The transition from low Earth orbit 200-1500 (km) to geostationary Earth orbit 42162 (km) was studied in this work by many methods of transfer. The delta-v requirement (∆v), the time of flight (∆t), the mass ratio of propellant consume (∆m/m) and total mass was calculated for many values altitude in the same plane also when the plane is change. The results from work show that (∆v) that required for transfer when the plane of orbit change is large than (∆v) required when the transfer in coplanar
more » ... maneuvers while the bi-elliptical transfer method need time of transfer longer than a Hohmann transfer method. The most energy efficiency was determined when the transfer in coaxial between elliptical orbits, the result show the most efficiency transfer orbit occur at apogee on the original orbit where the total of velocity required is (0.7864 km/s) that least from total velocity at perigee (0.7975 km/s).
doi:10.24996/ijs.2018.59.1a.21 fatcat:xqqadqoypbajvjfjq5ex2dnbqa