Evolving Art in Junior High Evolving Art in Junior High

Randal Marsh, Randal Marsh, Daniel Barney, Mark Graham, Peter Everett
2013 unpublished
Evolving Art in Junior High Randal C. Marsh Department of Visual Arts, BYU Master of Arts A junior high teacher and artist altered the curriculum of his Art Foundations II course and his own artistic practice in response to complexity thinking. This teacher-artist-researcher uses the arts-based methodology a/r/tography to make meaning of the relationship between his art and pedagogy. The a/r/tographer explains the impact of complexity on the philosophy of education, a/r/tography as a
more » ... phy as a methodology, and the meaning making that occurred are included. Evolution was used as a methodology for art making and as constraint for developing artworks in the classroom and in the author's own art. The teacher-artist-researcher conceptualizes art as an emergent complex cultural practice that evolves over time. He argues that artists, teachers, consumers, and students are implicated in the evolution of art.