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1871 The Lancet  
related particulars of a, case in which, twelve days after the rigor, a rash appeared on the arms and throat, which, after slight desquamation, was followed by a pustular eruption on the ha,nds and feet, with pain and swelling. He was not aware of any similar case in which the small-pox had been determined in so brief a period. After some remarks by Dr. SUTTON and the PRESIDENT as to the difficulty of diagnosis in the cases adduced, Dr. DuFpiN, in reply, remarked that he had been very careful
more » ... restrict his paper to circumscribed morbilliform and scarlatiniform rashes, as he was well aware of the terrible importance of the haemorrhages which sometimes complicate the more general scarlatiniform eruptions. The diagnosis in some of these instances he thought might be assisted by the patched distribution and greater depth of the redness. He had recently seen another instance where the purpuric rash had occupied the triangular space on the thighs and abdomen.
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