Successive inverse polynomial interpolation to optimize Smagorinsky's model for large-eddy simulation of homogeneous turbulence

Bernard J. Geurts, Johan Meyers
2006 Physics of Fluids  
We propose the successive inverse polynomial interpolation method to optimize model parameters in subgrid parameterization for large-eddy simulation. This approach is illustrated for the Smagorinsky eddy-viscosity model used in homogeneous decaying turbulence. The optimal Smagorinsky parameter is resolution dependent and provides minimal total error in the resolved kinetic energy. It is approximated by starting with a "bracketing interval" that is obtained from separate "no-model" and "dynamic
more » ... ddy-viscosity" large-eddy simulations. The total error level is reduced 3-6 times compared to the maximal initial errors. The computational overhead of the full optimization at resolution N 3 is comparable to a single simulation at ͑3N /2͒ 3 grid cells. The increased accuracy is higher than obtained with dynamic modeling at a resolution of ͑4N͒ 3 .
doi:10.1063/1.2391840 fatcat:mbnnjf5hufcojczyoaoxwioibm