On oriented cliques with respect to push operation

Julien Bensmail, Soumen Nandi, Sagnik Sen
2017 Discrete Applied Mathematics  
An oriented graph is a directed graph without any directed cycle of length at most 2. An oriented clique is an oriented graph whose non-adjacent vertices are connected by a directed 2-path. To push a vertex v of a directed graph − → G is to change the orientations of all the arcs incident to v. A push clique is an oriented clique that remains an oriented clique even if one pushes any set of vertices of it. We show that it is NP-complete to decide if an undirected graph is the underlying graph
more » ... a push clique or not. We also prove that a planar push clique can have at most 8 vertices and provide an exhaustive list of planar push cliques.
doi:10.1016/j.dam.2017.07.037 fatcat:na4wiolki5gp3eq2653zyy73ne