UML Design Approach for Learners' Quanta based Dynamic Courseware

Kausik Haldar, Sujata Pal, Nabendu Chaki, Ranjan Dasgupta
One of the primary objectives of the Computer-Aided Distance Learning (CADL) is to design customized courseware taking into account of the input knowledge level and specific objective of each individual learner. In our earlier work, we have proposed a learner-centric, self-adaptive, modular approach, named LQ model, in which the modules are dynamically selected from a pool. In this paper, this LQ model has been extended and a UML-based analysis and design has been manifested. The UML
more » ... The UML representation of the proposed algorithm helps us to extract the implementation methodology in a more convenient manner. The modular and incremental architecture of the LQ based algorithm makes it an ideal candidate for UML based analysis, design and development. The work in this paper brings in the much needed formalism in the analysis and design of courseware based on our LQ model.