Feature Extraction of Rich Texture Document

Prajwalita Satish Ravan, Shrinivas A. Patil, Swapnil V. Vanmore
2015 International Journal of Scientific Engineering and Technology  
We describe here an efficient algorithm for reassembling one or more unknown objects that have been broken or torn into a large number N of irregular fragments. The puzzle assembly problem has many application areas such as restoration and reconstruction of archeological findings, repairing of broken objects, solving jigsaw type puzzles, molecular docking problem, etc. The pieces usually include not only geometrical shape information but also visual information such as texture, color, and
more » ... uity of lines. This paper presents a new approach to the puzzle assembly problem that is based on using textural features and geometrical constraints. The texture of a band outside the border of pieces is predicted by in-painting and texture synthesis methods. Feature values are derived from these original and predicted images of pieces. An affinity measure of corresponding pieces is defined and alignment of the puzzle pieces is carried out. The optimization of total affinity gives the best assembly of puzzle. Experimental results are presented on real and artificial data sets.
doi:10.17950/ijset/v4s3/316 fatcat:gtlln3lqbfbknpxrhgwtbfurey