Fiber-Optic Vibration Sensor Based on Multimode Fiber

I. Lujo, P. Klokoc, T. Komljenovic, M. Bosiljevac, Z. Sipus
2008 Radioengineering  
The purpose of this paper is to present a fiberoptic vibration sensor based on the monitoring of the mode distribution in a multimode optical fiber. Detection of vibrations and their parameters is possible through observation of the output speckle pattern from the multimode optical fiber. A working experimental model has been built in which all used components are widely available and cheap: a CCD camera (a simple web-cam), a multimode laser in visible range as a light source, a length of
more » ... ode optical fiber, and a computer for signal processing. Measurements have shown good agreement with the actual frequency of vibrations, and promising results were achieved with the amplitude measurements although they require some adaptation of the experimental model. Proposed sensor is cheap and lightweight and therefore presents an interesting alternative for monitoring large smart structures.
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