Nanocatalysts for Ethanol Oxidation. Synthesis and Characterisation

A Bonesi, W E Triaca, A M Castro Luna
2009 Portugaliae Electrochimica Acta  
Carbon-supported binary PtSn/C and ternary PtSnNi/C catalysts were prepared for the electro-oxidation of ethanol. The carbon-supported nanoparticles were synthesised by employing a modified polyol methodology and characterised in terms of structure, morphology and composition by using XRD, EDX and TEM techniques. Their electro catalytic behaviour for ethanol oxidation (EO) was investigated by employing a disc composite electrode covered by a thin layer of catalyst imbedded in a Nafion polymer
more » ... a Nafion polymer electrolyte film. An enhancement of the EO through a negative shift of the onset oxidation potential and higher current density at constant potentials were observed on the PtSnNi/C electrodes as compared to those for PtSn/C electrodes. The temperature was changed in the range 40 °C < t < 80 °C, and the variation of the activation energy calculated by linear regression of the Arrhenius plots.
doi:10.4152/pea.200903193 fatcat:2p77xvdukrbbphg7acjmsnb4au