Meaning and Meaningfulness of Life: Beyond the Boundaries of Biosciences

Stephen S Jayard
2015 Zenodo  
Life - a complex phenomenon. It has been studied, down the centuries, by various disciplines, from several aspects. On the one hand life sounds very simple as we all live and see it as the platform for any achievement and so it automatically becomes meaningful. On the other hand, especially with the arrival of advanced technologies and possibilities in Biosciences, like cloned humans and artificial intelligence, we are forced to redefine the very notion of life and revisit the understanding of
more » ... ts dignity and meaning, which have been preserved and adored in the past. As the phenomenon of life is under scanner, the demarcation between life and death is also questioned. It is in this scenario this short paper attempts to, with a brief analysis of the notion of life and death from the perspectives of Biosciences, show that the very domains of sanctity and dignity, meaning and meaningfulness of life, lie beyond the purview of Biosciences, while gladly and gratefully acknowledging the great services rendered by the Biosciences.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4163167 fatcat:xu6gx6ews5ddnnrerd55aaz5ru