Tool development for automating the structural integrity assessment of aircrafts' components

V. Kappatos, D. G. Stamatelos
2019 Mathematical Models in Engineering  
During the aircraft's maintenance, it is essential that its structural inspection as well as potential found damages to be assessed in an effective manner within a limited time frame. To reduce the required time, for the aforementioned procedure, an innovative tool is developed. For the first time, a structural integrity assessment tool integrates image processing algorithms and FE models. The tool processes data from Non Destructive Testing (NDT), via image processing algorithms, and then
more » ... thms, and then provide pieces of information regarding the residual strength of the examined component in an automated way. The data acquired, from the NDT, are interpreted using the threshold method, in order to generate an accurate map of the component with its damages (size and location). This information automatically feeds a parametric Finite Element (FE) model, which forms an FE model of the damaged component ready for analysis. The parametric FE model can construct models for isotropic and laminated monolithic components using the XFEM method and the Cohesive Zone Modelling (CZM) technique respectively. For the case of laminated components, Progressive Damage Modelling (PDM) is also considered. In this study, simple geometries as the upper and lower wing skin, are analysed under static tension or compression. Aim is to examine the effectiveness and feasibility of the developed tool. The main benefits obtained from the application of the tool is that the image processing data are manipulated automatically and fast providing all the information regarding the location and size of damage in the examined component. Moreover, from the obtained numerical results the strength reduction of the component can be predicted well, by just comparing them with the respective numerical results of the reference undamaged component. Overall, the developed tool is very promising, since time saving can be gained.
doi:10.21595/mme.2019.21203 fatcat:6mlaytvxbfbevjfsj7mnbpr45e