30 Years After 'Morals by Agreement'

2016 Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Review  
We are excited to introduce this special collection of articles written in celebration of the 30 th anniversary of David Gauthier's seminal book, Morals by Agreement (OUP, 1986). This special collection of Dialogue celebrates the infl uence Gauthier's work has had on conversations in morality and practical reason, rational choice theory, and the contractarian tradition, and the ways in which his ideas have been refi ned, corrected, and further supported over the years. Part of the challenge of
more » ... etting down a collection such as this is that Gauthier's career has been such an illustrious one. So, where shall we start? On which areas of his work shall we focus? To start at the beginning of his career and then to cover it all would lead to a collection far too long for a special edition of a journal. Likewise, Gauthier's infl uence on a great many different topics and sub-topics within the world of practical philosophy could each produce a special collection in their own right. So we decided to start with what is sometimes thought to be an ideal spot, an anniversary. Anniversaries allow for refl ection, allow us to look back at where we have been, ask ourselves what we think worked, what we would have changed, what we think deserves a second look, where we think we want to go, and how we think we need to get there. In such a long, fruitful, and storied career, an anniversary allows us, as celebrants, the opportunity to focus on what we think matters, both in retrospect and moving forward. The idea for this collection began fi ve years ago during a conference held at York University (Toronto, Canada) that was celebrating Gauthier's book at its 25 th anniversary. We were both graduate students at the time, and we were struck by the diverse attendance of a wide range of experts drawn from nearly
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