Determining the effect of the refugee crisis on the security levels of small states using the DEMATEL method
Determinacija uticaja izbegličke krize na nivou bezbednosti malih država korišćenjem metoda DEMATELa

Dragan Tančić, Miodrag Gordić, Petar Tančić
2018 Bastina  
In the last few years, the refugee crisis is threatening to change the societal, ethnic, confessional and economic flow across the globe. This crisis in its growing and unpredictable development is changing the physiognomy of the modern world and affects the security of all aspects of social life. It also has a particular influence on the security of small states in Europe, especially the ones located along the movement routes of several million migrants. In that same spot are the states of the
more » ... Balkan Peninsula, including the Republic of Serbia. Actually, the Republic of Serbia represents an important stage of the refugee columns' path. In addition, this state is small by all its characteristics (both quantitative and qualitative); therefore the refugee crisis can leave a sizeable influence on all levels of the state's security. The effects of the crisis on the security levels of small states, in the case of the Republic of Serbia, has been described using the DEMATEL method. In investigating this influence, ninety-two experts for different security levels (from public institutions of Serbia) have been surveyed. The survey involved the effects on the following levels of security: human security, societal and national security.
doi:10.5937/bastina1844403t fatcat:5xg3amvjkjbwzowj6fkd4rvqfm