Effects of Salt-Drought Stress on Growth and Physiobiochemical Characteristics ofTamarix chinensisSeedlings

Junhua Liu, Jiangbao Xia, Yanming Fang, Tian Li, Jingtao Liu
2014 The Scientific World Journal  
The present study was designed to clarify the effects of salinity and water intercross stresses on the growth and physiobiochemical characteristics ofTamarix chinensisseedlings by pots culture under the artificial simulated conditions. The growth, activities of SOD, POD, and contents of MDA and osmotic adjusting substances of three years old seedlings ofT. chinensiswere studied under different salt-drought intercross stress. Results showed that the influence of salt stress on growth was greater
more » ... than drought stress, the oxidation resistance of SOD and POD weakened gradually with salt and drought stresses intensified, and the content of MDA was higher under severe drought and mild and moderate salt stresses. The proline contents increased with the stress intensified but only significantly higher than control under the intercross stresses of severe salt-severe drought. It implied thatT. chinensiscould improve its stress resistance by adjusted self-growth and physiobiochemical characteristics, and the intercross compatibility ofT. chinensisto salt and drought stresses can enhance the salt resistance under appropriate drought stress, but the dominant factors influencing the physiological biochemical characteristics ofT. chinensiswere various with the changing of salt-drought intercross stresses gradients.
doi:10.1155/2014/765840 pmid:25140348 pmcid:PMC4130323 fatcat:4xfkk7qsavfnheeequ77h6gaxy