Nuclear Spin Dynamics in the Quantum Regime of a Single-Molecule Magnet

A. Morello, O. N. Bakharev, H. B. Brom, R. Sessoli, L. J. de Jongh
2004 Physical Review Letters  
We show that the nuclear spin dynamics in the single-molecule magnet Mn12-ac below 1 K is governed by quantum tunneling fluctuations of the cluster spins, combined with intercluster nuclear spin diffusion. We also obtain the first experimental proof that - surprisingly - even deep in the quantum regime the nuclear spins remain in good thermal contact with the lattice phonons. We propose a simple model for how T-independent tunneling fluctuations can relax the nuclear polarization to the
more » ... that may serve as a framework for more sophisticated theories.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.93.197202 pmid:15600873 fatcat:cqw2suyo5fhcpheou5ktzhylmy