Luminescence and Spectroscopic Properties of Yellow-Emitting Carbonitride Phosphors and Their Application in White LEDs

Yun-Chen Wu, Teng-Ming Chen, Chuang-Hung Chiu, Chi-Neng Mo
2010 Journal of the Electrochemical Society  
A series of yellow-emitting carbonitride phosphors with compositions of ͑Y 1−x Ce x ͒ 2 ͑CN 2 ͒ 3 ͑x = 0-0.1͒ was synthesized by using exothermic solid-state metathesis reactions. The wavelength of the broad band yellow emission was tunable, varying from 570 to 577 nm. The photoluminescence ͑PL͒ intensity enhanced with increasing Ce 3+ dopant content and was optimized at 3 mol % under excitation at 415 nm. We analyzed the 5d energy levels of Ce 3+ in a capped trigonal prismatic complex and
more » ... ic complex and estimated the vibronic coupling parameters and Stokes shifts. To understand the thermal quenching behavior, the temperature-dependent PL for ͑Y 1.97 Ce 0.03 ͒ 2 ͑CN 2 ͒ 3 was investigated. To demonstrate its potential application, we fabricated a warm white light-emitting diode ͑LED͒ using ͑Y 1.97 Ce 0.03 ͒ 2 ͑CN 2 ͒ 3 , pumped with a 420 nm GaInN LED chip, and the electroluminescence data were also presented.
doi:10.1149/1.3476307 fatcat:bjeml2s2lzb2ddzzjobpf6dnxy