The Comparison of Physical Education course Equipments and Educational Space of Public and Private Girl's Guidance school in Tehran from the view of Physical Education Teachers and Managers

Samira Ghamarpour, Seyedeh Hadavi, Forouzan Zahedmanesh, Maryam Karimi
2015 Research Journal of Recent Sciences   unpublished
The present study aimd to compare physical education course equipments and educational space of public and private girl's guidance school in Tehran from the view of physical education teachers and managers. The study population was 168 managers and 168 physical educationteacher in public and private schools in Tehran in academic year 2012-2013, of which there were 114 managers of public and non governmental school and 114 teachers of public and non private schools were selected by cluster
more » ... ed by cluster sampling method. The study was a field design and difference method was applied. The independent varaible was the type of school and the reserachers emphasized on its effect on educational factors of physical education. The present study was causal-comparative design. For data collection, a researcher-built questionaaire was applied in accordance with Goldani questionaaire (1996). Cronbach's alpha was used to compute the reliability. The reliability coefficient of the questions of the managers of the public schools was α=0.91, the managers of private schools α=0.89, the teachers of physical educaiton of public schools α=0.87, the teachers of physicla education in private schools α=0.89 (P<0.005). After the data analysis, the resutls of the study showed that there was a significant difference between the sport equipemnts from the view of the managers (t:6.6), teachers (t:6.1), educational space from the view of the managers (t=4.1). However, there was no significant difference between educatioanl environment from the views of the teachers (t:0.5)(P<0.05. Thus, educational space and equipments of physical education course in private schools from the view of managers and physical education teachers was better than that of public schools.