Homophily of Music Listening in Online Social Networks [article]

Zhenkun Zhou, Ke Xu, Jichang Zhao
2017 arXiv   pre-print
Homophily, ranging from demographics to sentiments, breeds connections in social networks, either offline or online. However, with the prosperous growth of music streaming service, whether homophily exists in online music listening remains unclear. In this study, two online social networks of a same group of active users are established respectively in Netease Music and Weibo. Through presented multiple similarity measures, it is evidently demonstrated that homophily does exist in music
more » ... g of both online social networks. The unexpected music similarity in Weibo also implies that knowledge from generic social networks can be confidently transfered to domain-oriented networks for context enrichment and algorithm enhancement. Comprehensive factors that might function in formation of homophily are further probed and many interesting patterns are profoundly revealed. It is found that female friends are more homogeneous in music listening and positive and energetic songs significantly pull users close. Our methodology and findings would shed lights on realistic applications in online music services.
arXiv:1710.10642v1 fatcat:745dntyljjbxlnroaxqw5n36na