A Unified Framework for Dynamic Analysis of Tensegrity Structures with Arbitrary Rigid Bodies and Rigid Bars [article]

Jiahui Luo
2022 arXiv   pre-print
This paper develops a unified framework to study the dynamics of tensegrity systems with any arbitrary rigid bodies and rigid bars. The natural coordinates are adopted as a completely non-minimal modeling approach to describe both rigid bodies and rigid bars in terms of different combinations of basic points and base vectors. Various coordinate combinations are then unified into polymorphic expressions that succinctly encompass Class-1-to-k tensegrities. Then, the Lagrange-d'Alembert principle
more » ... s employed to derive the dynamic equation, which has a constant mass matrix and is free from trigonometric functions as well as centrifugal and Coriolis terms. For numerical analysis of nonlinear dynamics, a modified symplectic integration scheme is derived, accommodating non-conservative forces and boundary conditions. Additionally, formulations for statics and linearized dynamics around static equilibrium states are derived to help determine cable actuation values and calculate natural frequencies and mode shapes, which are commonly needed for structural analyses. Numerical examples are given to demonstrate the proposed approach's abilities in modeling tensegrity structures composed of Class-1-to-k modules and conducting dynamic simulations with complex conditions, including slack cables, gravity loads, seismic grounds, and cable-based deployments. Finally, two novel designs of tensegrity structures exemplify new ways to create multi-functional composite structures.
arXiv:2206.06221v2 fatcat:xct4kj637fgyvo4qbgnekgx224