Recent advance in high manufacturing readiness level and high temperature CMOS mixed-signal integrated circuits on silicon carbide

M H Weng, D T Clark, S N Wright, D L Gordon, M A Duncan, S J Kirkham, M I Idris, H K Chan, R A R Young, E P Ramsay, N G Wright, A B Horsfall
2017 Semiconductor Science and Technology  
A high manufacturing readiness level silicon carbide (SiC) CMOS technology is presented. The unique process flow enables the monolithic integration of pMOS and nMOS transistors with passive circuit elements capable of operation at temperatures of 300°C and beyond. Critical to this functionality is the behaviour of the gate dielectric and data for high temperature capacitance-voltage measurements are reported for SiO 2 /4H-SiC (n and p type) MOS structures. In addition, a summary of the long
more » ... ary of the long term reliability for a range of structures including contact chains to both n-type and p-type SiC, as well as simple logic circuits is presented, showing function after 2,000 hours at 300°C. Circuit data is also presented for the performance of digital logic devices, a 4 to 1 analogue multiplexer and a configurable timer operating over a wide temperature range. A high temperature micro-oven system has been utilised to enable the high temperature testing and stressing of units assembled in ceramic dual in line packages, including a high temperature small form-factor SiC based bridge leg power module prototype, operated for over 1,000 hours at 300°C. The data presented show that SiC CMOS is a key enabling technology in high temperature integrated circuit design. In particular it provides the ability to realize sensor interface circuits capable of operating above 300°C, accommodate shifts in key parameters enabling deployment in applications including automotive, aerospace and deep well drilling.
doi:10.1088/1361-6641/aa61de fatcat:nuivgxwisnfhxotj4gyd6pa2ly