Isokinetic performance of knee extensors and flexors in male weightlifters

Juliete Palandi, Elizze Ziero Ducatti, Michele Poletti, Vinícius Mazzochi Schmitt, Gerson Saciloto Tadiello, Leandro Bonetti
2016 Journal of Physical Education and Sport ® (JPES)   unpublished
Weightlifting is a sport in which the athlete attempts to lift a barbell loaded with weight plates and the biomechanical demands of the lower limbs joints change. Thus, weightlifting plays a direct role to the knees involving their main extensor muscle groups and knee flexors. The present study used isokinetic evaluation to analyze muscle performance of the knee extensor and flexor muscles in male weightlifting athletes. The results demonstrated no statistically significant differences between
more » ... ifferences between the limbs, whether for mean peak torque values or for the flexor/extensor ratio. However, the results demonstrated muscle imbalances between the flexors and extensors, with the mean flexors PT values lower than expected when compared to the extensors. This result highlights the importance of training to increase the performance of the flexor muscles to reach an ideal level in relation to the extensor, thus improving athletic performance and preventing musculoskeletal injuries.