Canister-free videogrammetry system for thermal vacuum and space applications

Stephane Roose, Yvan Stockman, Jean-Christophe Bolsee, Dominic Doyle, Gerd Ulbrich, Jennifer E. Decker, Nicholas Brown
2003 Recent Developments in Traceable Dimensional Measurements II  
The development of a canister-free videogrammetry system is presented. Applications in view, are co-ordinate measurements during thermal vacuum tests and on-board space flight metrology of mechanical structures, reflectors and antenna's. The paper presents the breadboard system architecture. Two breadboards have been developed. One is based on a space-qualified micro-imager camera, and the other on an industrial camera. Lenses and flashers are all commercial components and have been made vacuum
more » ... compatible. Results of accuracy (typically 50 ppm) and resolution (typically 25 ppm) tests, in ambient and in vacuum are also presented.
doi:10.1117/12.503457 fatcat:c3gm65eumvf43bckygezefvo6i