Two Regimes of Asymmetry-Induced Transport in Non-neutral Plasmas

J. M. Kriesel, C. F. Driscoll
2000 Physical Review Letters  
Confinement of charged particles in cylindrical Penning-Malmberg traps depends strongly on crossmagnetic-field transport induced by electric and / or magnetic asymmetries. New measurements in pureelectron plasmas demonstrate two separate transport regimes depending on the particle bounce-to-rotation ratio, or rigidity, R ϵ f b ͞f E . For R , 10, the transport scales as V a R 22 , where V a is the strength of an applied electrostatic asymmetry. For R * 10 20, this "R 22 transport" ceases
more » ... ort" ceases abruptly, leaving "B-independent" transport which scales as V 2 a and does not depend directly on the rigidity. PACS numbers: 52.25.Wz, 52.25.Fi
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.85.2510 pmid:10978094 fatcat:mpqb4s4ly5davehgqcufqknium