Fabricating Green Mansion for the Synthesis of (2HB) INH and Its Scaffolds: UV-Visible Determinations for Selective Probe towards Co+2 ions

Devendra S. Raghuvanshi, Nandkishor B. Shirsath, Pramod P. Mahulikar, Jyotsna S. Meshram
2017 Modern Organic Chemistry Research  
The present work is emphasizing on the use of solid acid catalysts for the condensation of INH with 2-hydroxy benzaldehyde and its acetyl and benzoyl scaffolds. The Montmorrillonite K 10 clay and Amberlyst are proved highly efficient in catalysing the reactions. Both catalysts offer several advantages like energy efficiency, short reaction time and easy separation techniques over conventional methods and provide safer pathways. The synthesized isonicotinohydrazide (INH) derivative is showing
more » ... ative is showing the excellent binding ability with some transition metal ions. The (2HB) isonicotinohydrazide is readily forming complexes with the transition metal ions like Zn +2 , Cu +2 , Co +2 , Ni +2 etc. The (2HB) INH is found to have selective probe towards the Co+2 ions estimated from UV-Visible spectrometric analysis. The synthesis of complex could be easily observed by simple visual determinations.
doi:10.22606/mocr.2017.23006 fatcat:6rlclfnlsjbvfokpfdqgepk7aa