A mobiltelefonok elterjedése az Ormánság néhány törpefalvában 1

Tiner Tibor
2008 Tiner_cikk.indd 213 Tiner_cikk.indd 213   unpublished
Spatial diff usion of mobile phones in some dwarf villages of the Ormánság microregion, southwest Hungary This study is aimed to demonstrate the main characteristics of diff usion process in a less developed rural microregion (Ormánság) in South Transdanubia. A survey of the spread of mobile phones in 6 dwarf villages of the Ormánság has led to the conclusion that this process began too late which resulted in a relative low level of mobile supply among the people living in the villages
more » ... e villages investigated. On the other hand inhabitants with higher education were among the fi rsts in these poor communities to purchase their fi rst mobile in the mid 1990s; and they are still the only group of local communities, who use wide range of services off ered by mobile operators and other private fi rms belonging to diff erent branches of commerce and personal services. Naturally, the increasing spatial diff usion of mobile telephony in a less developed region and sett lements in handicapped position is a very positive process. The stable advantages of prosperous regions and cities with dynamically increasing economy mean permanent obstacles for poor regions and sett lements located on the peripheries to make improvements in their marginal position. Consequently the capital and the regional centres where the diff erent innovations of new telecommunication technologies such as mobile phones appear immediately and soon start to diff use are able to preserve their advantage in eff ective and multifunctional use of mobile sets over regions having connected into this process only in a later phase. This process hinders the emergence of peripheries and stabilizes their backward position in the process of long term regional development. Bevezető A hazai mobilkommunikáció fejlődésével kapcsolatos kutatások fontos területe a mobil-telefon-ellátott ság magyarországi térszerkezetének feltárása. Ennek a távközlési, ill. info-¹ A tanulmány a T 042571. sz. OTKA kutatási program keretében készült ² MTA Földrajztudományi Kutatóintézet, 1112 Budapest, Budaörsi út 45.