Information and regulatory provision for the Estimation of renewable energy sources in Ukraine

P. V. Hazan
2018 Economic scope  
The global development of energy should be based exclusively on the concept of sustainable development. It means renewable energy with significant increase in energy efficiency, creating conditions for universal access to high-quality electrical and thermal energy. Renewable energy advantages are inexhaustibility of natural resources, low risk level for human health, minimization of negative impact on environment. The article analyses information and regulatory provision of the estimation of
more » ... he estimation of renewable energy sources towards justifying of theoretical and methodological bases for statistical estimation of renewables and developing scientific and practical recommendations for the implementation. National and international regulation are the basis for methodological, regulatory and informational provision for statistical estimation of renewable energy sources in Ukraine. The international legal framework is presented by directives and agreements: Directive 2006/32/EC, Directive 2009/28/EC, Treaty establishing the Energy Community, Regulation No. 1099/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council, Energy Statistics Manual. Gradual harmonization of Ukrainian legislation according to the European and international regulatory system is being performed with respect to the Ukrainian Constitution. The main documents on the national level are: Law of Ukraine «On electricity», Law «On alternative energy sources», Law «On alternative fuels», The Law of Ukraine «On combined heat and power (cogeneration) and waste power utilization», Law of Ukraine «On energy saving» etc. The normative legal framework of renewable energy regulation in Ukraine is presented by extensive regulatory system. Further research on information and regulatory provision of renewable energy sources will address the «green» tariffs and new forms of financial support for development of renewable energy sources.
doi:10.30838/ fatcat:en5wafphpjfcpldeb5r3gvxjfy