Cellular requirements for mixed leucocyte reactivity in the cyclostome, Eptatretus stoutii

Robert L Raison, Peter Gilbertson, John Wotherspoon
1987 Immunology and Cell Biology  
Urifractionated peripheral blood leucocytes frotn allogeneic hagfish proliferated vigorously in one-way tnixed leucocyte reaction (Ml.R) at 20-22 . Maximum responsiveness was observed after 5 days of co-cuiiure of responder and irradiated stimuiaior ceiis. Separation of Jeucocyies on ihe basis of laser scalter parameters yielded a small leucocyte populalion which responded buf did not siimitlaie in Ml.R and a large leucocyte population capable of siimulating bui not responding. Adbercnt cell
more » ... g. Adbercnt cell depletion of the total leucocyte populalion did not affect ihe ability to respond in Ml.R but did ablate ihe stimulatory capacily of hagfish leucocytes. Together with previous phenotypic studies, ihese results confirm the presence of Iymphoeyle and macrophage/aeeessory ceii populaiions in hagfish peripherai ieucocytes.
doi:10.1038/icb.1987.20 pmid:2956184 fatcat:6jenmapknbcyzm3b5erbpotrom