Psychological Aspects Among Children and Adolescents of Orphanages at Assiut City

2018 Assiut Scientific Nursing Journal  
It is a catastrophe for any child the death of one or both parents. Children may feel with depression, hopelessness, loneliness, anger, confusion, helplessness, anxiety and a fear of being alone. This study aimed to assess psychological aspects among children and adolescents of orphanages at Assiut City. Subjects and method: A descriptive research design used to conduct this study. A purposive sample was used. The present study included 120 subjects. Setting: The study was conducted at Lillian
more » ... rasher, Dar El Hanan, and Dar El Safa. Tools of study included demographic data, multidimensional child and adolescent depression scale (MCADS) and child behavior checklist (parent form). Results of the study: Three fifth of studied orphans (60%) in the age group from (<12-17years old).Also 65% of studied orphans were males., there were statistically significant relations between age and most of depressive symptoms; also the most predominant problems were aggression, anxiety/depression and attention problem whereas thought problem was the least and internalizing behavioral problems were higher than externalizing behavioral problems (37.5% versus 34.2%). Conclusion: most orphans had different psychological problems and the prevalence of psychological problems/symptoms was more in adolescence age than child ages.Recommendation: Psychosocial counseling program can be designed and administered to orphan children and adolescents to improve depressive symptoms and their psychological status.
doi:10.21608/asnj.2018.58928 fatcat:btxvhhj2rfgsffyx3g3rqexmoq