Chemical composition of essential oils of the leaves of five species of the gender cecropia (Urticaceae) Amazônia / Composição química dos óleos essenciais das folhas de cinco espécies do gênero cecropia (Urticaceae) Amazônia

Darlan Coutinho Dos Santos, Ana Júlia de Aquino Silveira
2022 Brazilian Journal of Development  
Essential oils of six species of Cecropia (Urticaceae) were obtained by hydrodestilation and the chemical composition of the volatiles were determinated by GCMS analysis. Palmitic acid was the major compound found in Cecropia concolor while nonanal is predominant in C. obtusa, E-caryophylene in C. palmata and C. sciadophylla. Cecropia ulei and C. sp. Presented E-nerolidol as the major volatile component. Despite the diversified chemical composition of the composition of the different essential
more » ... ils, the present study demonstrated a quantitative predominance of sesquiterpene compounds in all the samples.
doi:10.34117/bjdv8n7-227 fatcat:kbgctd3lnzejfk4mhupyoafw44