Directory of energy data collection forms. Forms in use as of October 1995 [report]

1996 unpublished
Pdnled wilh soy ink on recycled paper @ D OE/EIA-O249 (95) Distribution Category Preface This is the nineteenth edition of the Directory ofEnergy Data Collection Forms, an authoritative listing of selected public use forms currently used as basic energy information gathering tools by the Department of Energy (DOE). Originally entitled EZA Data Collection Forms, this directory provides an overview of DOE'S energy information collection programs for decisionmakers in Government and industry.
more » ... and industry. Forms designed to collect energy information and used by the Energy Information Administration (EIA) as of October 1995 are included in this directory. For each form listed in this directory, an abstract is included that describes the form's uses, its respondents, and the data collected. The number of respondents reflects the number in OMB inventory at the time the survey was approved. Also shown are certain frequently requested items of information. These items include the general energy source(s) and function(s) covered by the form; the general categories of respondents; the fre-quency of collection; the public laws and, if applicable, regulations associated with the collection; the requirement for reporting; the name and phone number of the data collection manager; and the publications resulting from the data collection. For the reader's convenience in finding specific types of collections, several indices have been provided in this directory. A listing of the forms grouped by energy source and function begins on page 26. Beginning on page 38 are the publications derived from the collections, and on page 50, are the forms linked to general respondent categories. Former form number designations appear on page 60. Titles of legal citations referred to in this directory can be found on page 68. Additional information about these and other DOE forms is maintained by EIA's Standards and Services Division at (202)426-107 1. Energy Information Administration Directory of Energy Data Collection Forms iii --~---I --._
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