Multiparadigm design of a simple relational database

Charles D. Knutson, Timothy A. Budd, Hugh Vidos
2000 SIGPLAN notices  
Multiparadigm programming languages (such as Leda) seek to merge elements of several programming paradigms into a single cohesive language that utilizes programming and conceptual aspects from various paradigms (including imperative, objectoriented, functional and logic). While there are relatively few fully multiparadigm languages, most popular languages increasingly incorporate aspects from multiple paradigms. Despite the fact that multiparadigm programming is an increasing reality, there are
more » ... few methods for multiparadigm design. This paper uses Leda to explore multiparadigm program design via a simple database example. This paper is exploratory in nature, and exposes areas that should be researched further.
doi:10.1145/369928.369947 fatcat:r7aczppdxjhx3a44yrkiglzova