Ricci flows, wormholes and critical phenomena

Viqar Husain, Sanjeev S Seahra
2008 Classical and quantum gravity  
We study the evolution of wormhole geometries under Ricci flow using numerical methods. Depending on values of initial data parameters, wormhole throats either pinch off or evolve to a monotonically growing state. The transition between these two behaviors exhibits a from of critical phenomena reminiscent of that observed in gravitational collapse. Similar results are obtained for initial data that describe space bubbles attached to asymptotically flat regions. Our numerical methods are
more » ... le to "matter-coupled" Ricci flows derived from conformal invariance in string theory.
doi:10.1088/0264-9381/25/22/222002 fatcat:nmz3mgeya5bsnkzx6utbacsxcy