StrongWomen® Program Evaluation: Effect of Strength Training Exercises on Physical Fitness of Participants

Anil Kumar, Chaudhary Doctoral, Graduate Assistant, Beth Horn, Marilyn Corbin
2015 unpublished
The StrongWomen® Program (SWP) is a nationally disseminated group strength-training exercise and nutrition education program delivered by Extension. The study reported here examined the effect of strength training exercises in SWP on improvement in physical fitness of program participants. Senior Fitness Test was used to collect data. Upon analysis of paired t-tests, significant differences were found between pre-test and post-test across all the six fitness measures. Overall, SWP helped
more » ... , SWP helped participants to improve their body strength and physical fitness and decreased risk of falls and fractures, which indicates the increased independence and quality of life among older adults. 2012). Strength-training exercises have been shown to improve muscle mass and increase bone