Pengaruh Konsentrasi Surfaktan Campuran (Span 80 dan Span 20) dan Rasio Volume Emulsi/Fasa Eksternal terhadap Ekstraksi Ion Kadmium (Cd) Menggunakan Teknik Emulsi Membran Cair

Alif Hidayatullah Amin, Baharuddin Hamzah, Purnama Ningsih
2018 Jurnal Akademika Kimia  
Research on the extraction of cadmium(II) ion has been performed using the emulsion liquid membrane technique. This research used laboratory experimental method using benzoyl acetone as a carrier, kerosene as a membrane, nitric acid solution as an internal phase, span 80 and span 20 as a surfactant, and cadmium(II) solution as a sample. The present study was conducted to determine the optimum conditions of cadmium(II) ion extraction in solutions comprising variations in surfactant concentration
more » ... of spans 80 and span 20 mixtures (1.5–3.5%) and variations in the ratio of emulsion/external phase (1:5–1:7). Determination of remaining of cadmium(II) ion concentration in the sample was analyzed using UV-Vis spectrophotometer at 519 nm wavelength. The results showed that the concentration of mixed surfactants (span 80 and span 20) which resulted in a maximum percent of extraction was 2.5% with 60.11% extraction percentage. In addition, the volume ratio of the emulsion/external phase gave a maximum extraction percentage at a ratio of 1:5.5 with an extraction percent of 78.03%.
doi:10.22487/j24775185.2018.v7.i4.11948 fatcat:w3u7g6skzvelpk4tzyyokoz2v4