Socialization Factors Influencing on the Impulsive Buying Behavior of Mathematics E-Book for Disability Student

Nurshafina Ahmad Sofian
2021 Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education  
The purpose of this study is to study the effects of family influences, financial influences, and education influences on the impulsive buying behavior of Mathematics E-Book for disability student. Nowadays, even though student is yet to have their own income, their buying behavior suggests that they impulsively indulge in purchasing. The objective of this study is to understand how family influence, financial influence and education influence the disability students to indulge in such
more » ... ge in such practices. This research will utilize quantitative method particularly the questionnaire using statistical tool Pearson correlation analysis and multiple regression method (MRA). The targeted population will be the disability students aged between 6-19 years old. The questionnaire will be distributed to parents of the students in Sekolah-Sekolah Pendidikan Khas Kinta Utara. This study will benefit both disability students and other related agencies. In this research, result shows that the independent variables which are Family Influences, Financial Influences and Education Influences have significant positively relationship with The Impulsive of Buying Behavior of Mathematics E-Book for Disability Student. Education Influences has the strongest impact among all variables. This research provides a clearer overview that Education Influences are important so that parents of disability student will understand more about what actually influence their children and this in turn will help to cull their impulsive buying behavior of Mathematics E-Book. Besides that, it will benefit government or other agencies because they will obtain more information on buying Mathematics E-Book. Plus the government will completely understanding of student buying behavior is needed for the government to control their expenditure for the better good of the nation economy, in relation with Rancangan Malaysia Ke-11. For example, during recession the government could manipulate the media to influence Gen Y to shop impulsively online, which in turn will support the economy.
doi:10.17762/turcomat.v12i3.1233 fatcat:ou5bgzm6ynhrfhrkijzp3y3ssq