3P122 Design Principle of Replicable RNA under Isothermal Condition(05A. Nucleic acid: Structure & Property,Poster,The 52nd Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society of Japan(BSJ2014))
3P122 等温条件で増幅可能な人工 RNA の設計原理の理解(05A. 核酸:構造・物性,ポスター,第52回日本生物物理学会年会(2014年度))

Kimihito Usui, Norikazu Ichihashi, Yasuaki Kazuta, Tetsuya Yomo
2014 Seibutsu Butsuri  
Insulator is one of the transcription control elements on DNA. This sequence works as the boundary among DNA domains to archive appropriate gene expressions by blocking the communications between the promoter and inappropriate enhancers. Recently, some insulator sequences are identified in some model organisms. However, the molecular mechanisms of their activities are not clearly understood, yet. In this study, we focus on the physical aspects of Ars-insulator identified in sea urchin to
more » ... ea urchin to elucidate the mechanism of insulator activities. We construct the coarsegrained DNA models of Ars-insulator sequence and other typical sequences. We perform the simulations of these models and compare their sequence dependent motions and functional activities. 3P122 等温条件で増幅可能な人工 RNA の設計原理の理解
doi:10.2142/biophys.54.s269_2 fatcat:5tjz6ycljfg2rdk3nt364r6nhi