Assessment of various toothbrush grips used by visually impaired children for effective oral hygiene

Shweta Chandak, Ankita Moon, Suryakant Kumar, Pali Dhongde
2017 International Journal of Current Advanced Research  
It is generally believed that tooth brushing is inefficient among children younger than 10 years, perhaps due to motivation and poor manual dexterity, which is normal at this age. 4 Beals et al. documented the interaction between the huma hand and toothbrush during a toothbrushing session. They observed five grips, namely, the distal oblique and power grips, which use the palm of the hand, and the oblique, precision, and spoon grips, which rely on the fingers.
doi:10.24327/ijcar.2017.3974.0409 fatcat:wfotuvegxjd5nje72basnkwa3a