THU0249 Family history of autoimmune diseases as a risk factor for sjÖgren's syndrome: a case-control study

R Priori, F Conti, E Cassarà, E Medda, MA Stazi, M Cesarotti, P Rovere, C Antonioli, MG Danieli, M Pietrogrande, G Valesini
2001 Speaker abstracts 2001   unpublished
and low back pain of 430(57%) of women and 303(%40,8) of men (totally 739(48,9%) individuals). The point prevalence of low back pain was calculated as 39,9%(324 individuals), of these 210 were women and 110 were men. The point prevalence was 27,3%(n = 21) in men aged over 50 and 34,3%(n = 93) in men aged 50 or under, while it was 57,6%(n = 49) in women aged over 50 and 42,5%(n = 161) in women aged 50 or under. Conclusion The lifetime rate of neck and low back pain were both higher in women. The
more » ... increasing age seems to be associated with the point prevalence of low back pain in women contrary to men.
doi:10.1136/annrheumdis-2001.793 fatcat:chuj3hir3zeqhominm5kklhvta