Changes in Statin Utilization among US Adults with Diabetes: A Population-Based Analysis of NHANES 2011-2018 [post]

Abbie D. Leino, Michael P. Dorsch, Corey A. Lester
2020 unpublished
<b>Objective:</b> The objective was to evaluate statin utilization in the United States before and after the 2015 ADA position statement, which expanded statin therapy recommendations to include all adults 40-75 years old with diabetes. <p><b>Research Design and Methods:</b> The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey was used to obtain a representative sample. The difference-in-differences technique determined the impact of the recommendation on the proportion of people with diabetes
more » ... or whom statin therapy was newly recommended. </p> <p><b>Results:</b> Among people with diabetes, the change in statin utilization in people without ASCVD risk factors controlling for change among people with ASCVD/risk factors was 6.6% (p=0.388). In the adjusted analysis, overt ASCVD, age, Black race, health insurance, a place for routine care, and total cholesterol were significantly associated with statin utilization (p<0.05). </p> <p><b>Conclusion:</b> The most recent change in statin recommendations had minimal impact on the proportion of patients receiving a statin. </p>
doi:10.2337/figshare.12982367 fatcat:azcqxgbdxvhdfo5qs6mef5joka