Successful Treatment of Newly Developed, Intractable Digital Ulcers and Gangrene with Bosentan in Systemic Sclerosis

Hee-Sang Tag, Sung-Min Jun, Seung Geun Lee, Eun Kyoung Park, Dong-Wan Koo, Geun Tae Kim
2016 Journal of Rheumatic Diseases  
In systemic sclerosis, digital ulcers and gangrene are somewhat common clinical characteristics of obliterative vasculopathy. These manifestations increase morbidities, such as pain, infections, and acroosteolysis. However, patient responses to the appropriate treatments are often inadequate. We treated a patient with systemic sclerosis who had a refractory digital ulcer and gangrene with bosentan, an endothelin receptor antagonist, and observed improvement. Here we systematically review this
more » ... cally review this case. (J Rheum Dis 2016; 23:193-197)
doi:10.4078/jrd.2016.23.3.193 fatcat:ob5zgcvuebgszb2xapt5wpemka