Nanocosmeceuticals: Latest Trend in Cosmetics

Aishwarya Kashyap, Prakhar Agarwal, Monika Soni
2017 Indo Global Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences   unpublished
"Cosmeceuticals" is a word that defines a product which has its biological action like a pharmaceutical drug and it also regulates the appearance as a cosmetic. They are present to enhance the beauty of the skin through ingredients that provide additional health-related benefit. Cosmeceutical industry is growing day by day as it is highly diversified, since it serves as a link between personal care products and pharmaceuticals. Use of nanotechnology in the field of cosmeceutical industry is an
more » ... cal industry is an evolving area of research and development. Nano cosmeceuticals overcomes many disadvantages associated with cosmeceuticals like they improve the stability of cosmetic ingredients by encapsulating them within the nanoparticles, UV protection of skin, targeting of active ingredient to the desired site and controlled release for prolonged effect on the skin. Nanoproducts should be manufactured in a manner that improves the values of cosmeceutical product. Here is a brief overview of the various novel nano-carriers for cosmeceuticals like liposomes, nanoemulsions, solid lipid nanoparticles(SLNs), dendrimers, inorganic nanoparticles, and many others. The review also talks about the possible hazards of nanoparticles on human health but they can be neglected due to less significant toxicity.