The influence of robotic milking of cows on the efficiency of milk production
Влияние роботизированного доения коров на эффективность производства молока

E. G. SKVORTSOVA, Ol'ga Chepushtanova
2022 Agrarian Bulletin of the  
Abstract. Purpose is to study the effect of milk production technology in the SPK "Glinskiy" with the use of robotic milking machines Lely Astronaut, DeLaval and linear milking machine ADM-8A, on the efficiency of milk production. Methods. An analysis of the efficiency of milk production with various technologies of keeping and milking cows was carried out on the basis of materials for accounting for milk productivity obtained for 2016–2019, and also the marketability of milk, the cost per unit
more » ... of milk and the profitability of milk production during robotic milking and milking in a milk pipeline were determined. Scientific novelty. The analysis of the economic efficiency of milk production in the conditions of one farm is carried out, the differences in the level of milk productivity and milk quality are determined. Calculated: the cost price of 1 kg of milk obtained using the milking machine ADM-8 and automated milking machines Lely and DeLaval, profitability. Results. A large number of factors, both genetic and paratypical, affect the milk production of cows. The main paratypical factor is milk production technology, which includes keeping, feeding and milking livestock. Nowadays, the widespread technology is tethering cows with milking in a long milk pipe in stalls, this technology is considered traditional. She is being replaced by a more productive one – keeping a milking herd without a tether in groups with milking on automatic milking machines (robotic milking). Feeding with these two technologies is organized according to different principles. Our study revealed the influence of milking technology on the efficiency of milk production. As a result of the study, differences in the level of milk productivity and milk quality were determined. Our study revealed a positive effect of milking technology with the help of robotic installations on the efficiency of milk production: milk yield for each lactation increases by 7–28 %, which is confirmed by the lactation constancy index, the content of somatic cells in milk decreases to 2.4 × 105 cells per 1 cm3 providing an increase in the marketability of milk to 97.4%, in terms of physical and chemical indicators, milk of cows, with different methods of keeping, was within the normal range and average values for the herd.
doi:10.32417/1997-4868-2022-216-01-66-75 fatcat:ok5wana3qbfkzihogfsm6k2xbu